Flameburst Greatbow +1

Longbow - Military 2H Ranged Weapon

weapon (ranged)

Flameburst Greatbow +1
Military 2H Ranged Weapon
Cost: 30gp
Damage: 1d10
Proficient: +2
Range: 20/40
Weight: 3 lb.
Item Level: 3

Properties: Load Free
Weapon Group: Bow

Enhancement Bonus: +1 attack rolls and damage rolls

Critical: +1d6 fire damage per plus

Power (Fire)
Daily (Minor Action)

The next ranged basic attack you make with this weapon before the end of your turn becomes a burst 1 centered on the target. Use your normal attack bonus for the basic attack, but against Reflex. Instead of normal damage, each target hit takes ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends).
Level 13 or 18: burst 2 ongoing 10 fire damage.
Level 23 or 28: burst 3 ongoing 15 fire damage.


Found inside chest in kobold cave.

Flameburst Greatbow +1

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