Shadows in Time

Chapter 1: The Will to Act

The town of Riverside is a town trying to survive in troubled times. The city is beset by the dangers of marauding orcs and kobolds, savage beasts of foul description, and the chilling bite of a harsh, unforgiving winter.

On one such cold, quiet night, a group of kobolds snuck into the town. Hearing a scream of despair, an assortment of characters sprung into action: first was a human farmer with his trusty spear (Nicas), followed by a human student of the true Art (Mika), an elf learned in the ways of the wild (Dara), a brawny and crafty halfling (Brenkal), a hulking half-orc (Korgal), and a “sturdy” devout dwarf (Thorrak).

The individuals cut through the kobold raiding party, leaving none alive. Suddenly the individuals became a group, united by their will to act.

Upon investigating the fleeing kobolds, a dead half-orc was found and his house raided of food and supplies, rather than the small amount of valuables. Charged by the mayor of the town to investigate the kobold attack, the group took it upon themselves to end these kobold attacks one way or another…

NPC involved:
Human Mayor – Roland
Dead Half Orc – Nunez
Human Priest of Illmater – Lucien
Human Blacksmith – Haedrig

- The mayor has charged the party with the task of ending the kobold attacks for some kind of reward.
- The half-orc’s house was raided of supplies and food.
- After breaking the news of the half-orc’s death to his blacksmith employer in a nice way, the party has received a 10% discount on all items bought from the blacksmith, Haedrig.
- The half-orc’s body was taken by Lucien, the priest of Illmater.
- Dwarves can catch fire. HUHH?

Chapter 2: Boot Hill
"The best kind of orc is the dead type of orc."

No one really knows how Boot Hill got its name. Some say it’s because One-Eyed Jerry tripped over his own boots and tumbled to his death on the hill (though that was probably more due to his lack of depth perception than anything else). What’s sure though is that when you “boot it”, you end up in that hill.

Boot Hill has seen many a good man buried alongside the scoundrels and riffraff that wander into the town. But never has it seen the “tainted” blood of an orc. There were some who wanted to keep it this way. Orcs are foul creatures who raid, pillage and put many a good man into the ground in that hill. And so, as it was, never an orc or its spawn was buried there. Until today…

A commotion in the morning caught the attention of the group of adventurers. An argument over the funeral arrangements for the dead half-orc broke out. The travelling merchant Ingram, who had paid for the funeral of the half-orc, was angry at the delay of his burial. Lucien, the priest of Illmater, tried to explain the situation and how there were those who were opposed to it, and that a conflict would arise.

Fulfilling his duty to his kin and unphased by the danger of conflict, the Korgal climbed aboard the caravan carrying the body. Slowly joined by his fellow adventurers and followed by a small flock of townspeople, the funeral procession made its way to Boot Hill.

There the party was met by those, the ruffians, who disagreed with the half-orc. Hoping to avoid a conflict, Thorrak attempted to dissuade the men. Despite talking many of them down, the failure of his fellow adventurers and the stumbling of his words left some of them unconvinced.

ENOUGH TALK!” shouted the Korgal, raising his great blade to the dismay of the Thorrak and Nicas. In the battle that ensued, it was the half-orc who drew first blood, slicing one of the humans with a mighty blow. At the sight of this, one of the ruffians fled. But one stayed and, despite being beaten and bloodied, lashed out in hatred at the half-orc. Parrying the blow, the half-orc then ended the fight in a shower of blood.

Death brings more death and two more bodies are buried in Boot Hill. Was the half-orc rash in his rage? Did he anger his fellow compatriots? Will the town be quick to forgive him? Does this spell trouble for the newly formed party!?

Find out in the next chapter of…SHADOWS IN TIME!

- The travelling merchant wanted the funeral to happen.
- The priest of Illmater was afraid of causing conflict.
- One ruffian escaped from Boot Hill.
- The man you killed was a trained warrior and may have held some kind of position within the town. Will his death have consequences?
- Leave the singing the bards.


“In time there surely will come a day…” recites the priest of Illmater.

A small gathering stood above a new grave atop Boot Hill. A priest of Illmater who has buried too many people. A human mayor who knows too well the loss that comes with death. A travelling merchant who just wanted what was right. A blacksmith, who was maybe the half-orc’s only friend. And a group of adventurers who fought for a dead-man’s rights.

“..And in time all things shall pass away.
In time you may come back some day…
But in time, everything will be no more.”

The priest shakes the hand of the blacksmith, thanks the merchant, nods to the mayor and begins walking back to the town to prepare to recite the prayer again.


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